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New Website Launched

Posted By : Ramy Zada | Date : October 01, 2012

Hello Everyone, I am very pleased to announce that I have finally launched my new web site. When talking to my good friend, Nick Omana, about my needing a great web site, he referred me to the people who did his site at FMMG. I love what they did.

I have posted my Acting Demo Reel, Voice Over Reels, Pictures, and more, and I will be able to link to my Facebook and Tweeter accounts. I will also be posting my blogs and I will be able to share with you any new projects I am currently working on as well as future projects in development. I look forward to your feedback and interacting with you.

It’s up and live ready to go!

Ramy Zada


One response to “New Website Launched”

  1. Jax Anderson says:

    AT LAST! Have been waiting for this site since early 1990’s here in Australia!

    Wonderful work, wonderful credits, so talented … don’t want to use available characters with so much known praise! So happy to see you as happily married as myself – took me a few goes, though!

    Just one question – what was wrong with Jason for your site? Another person I have been following for years, especially Milo!

    Just a fan, hope all is well, love to you and yours,


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